Selasa, 19 Jun 2012

Jom bersihkan kolon dengan Clear Start 30

Why do u need to do Detoxing before Ramadhan starts?

Any 'rebooting' of any system esp the body system requires 'digging' n 'cleansing' and sometimes for some people they may experience what we call a 'healing crisis'. We want you to be in OPTIMUM health in Ramadhan thus I hope you feel our concern.

You may think why do U need to throw out, reboot, or detox....

Think of a car that has never been serviced before. Try driving THAT car for 30years with no servicing. Guess, theres no need for me to continue this story, I am sure you know the ending.

Plus Clearstart makes Bios Life SLIM work better. Best to start Detoxing before Fasting mth so that during Fasting mth u can lose more inches right? (Longer Fats Burning Zone)
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